How much revenue are you losing without online licensing?

Why Pawzii

Mobile friendly

Compatible with any internet connected device.

Automate your workflow

Automatic reminders via email, phone, or text message.

Always available

Pawzii is cloud hosted and available 24/7/365.

Reliable Reporting

Access your data instantly via Pawzii's comprehensive Dashboard.


What if all of our current licensing data is in another system
We are able to import data from popular shelter management programs like Shelter Buddy and ShelterPro.
How does online license registration help us?
Jurisdictions that take their registration online have seen boosts anywhere between 40-200%.
I want in! Where do I sign up?
Talk to one of our animal advocates by calling 206-395-6355 or email us at
Did I read that right, no setup fees?
Yes! Our competitors can charge setup fees up to $10,000 and require you to buy specialized hardware. You can access our web based application on any device today!


Pawzii was founded by a group of passionate animal welfare advocates with the experience to build a modern, efficient software solution that directly serves the shelter community.


Alec Matias

Alec co-founded Pawzii after learning how animal shelters and humane societies were operating their facilities with antiquated software. He's led development teams at Zillow, NFL, and NBC Universal.


Elmer Ward

Elmer is the other half of Pawzii's founding team and has spearheaded all of its programming to date. He studied Computer Science at the University of Washington.


Jennifer Stonequist, DVM

Dr. Stonequist is Pawzii's expert advisor, leveraging her expertise as Director of Medicine at the Kitsap Humane Society to help Pawzii build a platform designed exclusively for shelters and humane societies.


"Pawzii has taken our licensing to a whole new level. The amount of time and effort saved is immeasureable and the increased revenue allows us to dramatically improve our life-saving operations."

Jennifer Stonequist

Director of Veterinary Medicine

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